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HTC brand power has certain uniqueness in itself such that every time it launches something new to the market, it is awaited eagerly with high expectations. The HTC One M8 has high design features with metallic finish body.  Design wise the phone has set up high bar for any other succeeding smart phone.A sophisticated metal body is all that you would want for that  into your device. Polished edges make it more elegant making it one of its kinds. The dimension of the phone is up to the size of 146.4×70.6×9.4 mm. With a 5-inch capacitive touch screen the user experience becomes better and more polished.

The phone is even built with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display which makes it scratch proof and robust to fight with external attacks on the screen.

The phone is head-to-head against the other newly launched smart phones this season.

HTC is even known for the powerful sound features. Powered by HTC  Boom Sound, the stereo speakers are a complete mood lifter. The volume has been cranked and the improved frequency range has made the phone more like an audio speaker which has similar features like that of a high quality bass music speaker.
Now coming over to the software part, the new HTC One M8 has advanced Android Version 4.4.2 which is powered by KitKat. The Quad-core 2.3 GHz CPU will make sure that you can multitask with your device by keeping other apps open in the background.

The phone’s camera has striking features which is updated from the previous version. The front camera has a resolution of 5 MP while the rear has a resolution of 4 MP. Such resolution that too from a brand like HTC ensures a superb combination of high definition and crispness for clicking selfies and uploading in Snapchat.

The memory card slot of the phone is up to 128 GB. The internal memory can be chosen between 16 GB or 32 GB, while the RAM is of 2 GB. High power RAM makes you able to store and download large amount of data.
The battery stand by supports up to 271 hours in 2G mode while the same is up to 496 hours in 3G mode. Battery talk time is up to 14 hours making you able to chit chat for long hours over your smart phone.

One thing that might be a problem for people is the inability to remove out the battery. This feature is more or less like the iPhones. However with all such advantages and tech-frenzy features, this phone surely has a long a way to go.

What will be the difference between the HP Slate along with the Ipad?
There are lots of differences actually and I indicate that use a gander at what these differences are before they generate a determination. The HP Slate is a superb iPad alternative but is it better than the iPad? I do not think so however, you might! Browse below for those comparisions.

HP Slate vs. iPad: Price

The iPad costs any where from $499 to $800+ and yes it all really will depend on which hard drive you are looking to get and what wireless you are looking to get. A lot more the hard drive space greater the price. Greater wireless power, a lot more the cost. The HP Slate costs inside the $500 range so you must not be too worried as to cost for that HP Slate. I additionally suggest the Slate for business men rather than normal folk

HP Slate vs. iPad: Harddrive Space

The HP slate incorporates a disk drive of 32 to 64 gb even though the iPad goes from 16gb to 64 gb. There are two versions from the HP Slate while you will find 3 versions of the iPad. The iPad has 16gb,32gb, and 64gb models so that you can select to fulfill your hard disk needs.

HP Slate vs. iPad: Battery Life

The battery from the Ipad by apple is usually a whopping 10 hours and that is alright. The battery life of the Hp Slate tablet pc device is simply 5 hours which essentially is lower than good. Promoted sucks as much as battery life goes yet not worse as opposed to Dell Inspiron Duo.

Those are just a few comparisons from the HP Slate vs. iPad but when you imagine that you’d like to find out more see the link inside bio.